The Perfect Threesome

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Ana Foxxx has tried threesomes before, but has always felt left out, the third wheel. So when her boyfriend suggested they try something adventurous with their sex life, she said she would love to, but she had to be a serious part of it from the very beginning. He said he had to problem with that. And, she had the perfect third person in mind, her best friend from high school, Chanell Heart, whom she’d kind of had a thing for anyway, but never expressed her desire to dig her salivating tongue into some female flesh. And on the big night, nothing disappoints Ana as she gets her fill of pussy and cock and comes again and again.

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Power Couple and the Babysitter

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It’s Sydney Cole‘s second time babysitting for some lovely people she has recently met. They are the ultimate power couple, good looking and successful. When the husband tells her that his wife Chanell Heart finds her really attractive and offers her plenty of extra cash to see Sydney kissing her, she decides to take him up on the offer. I mean, it’s just a kiss, right? Sydney is really shy at first, but finds herself actually enjoying the experience. They take it to the bedroom pretty rapidly, and Sydney finds herself in the center of the threesome of forbidden love she’s been secretly craving.

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