My Friend's Hot Girl

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? Not in Chanell Heart‘s case. Her boyfriend has been working late way too much, and she’s too horny not to have his dick again. She gets some dirty talk from him while she’s masturbating in the bath, but that’s not enough. So, it’s a good thing that her friend’s pervert buddy Ryan just happens to be creeping on her in the bathroom the whole time! Chanell’s pissed at him, but she’s so hot and bothered that she can’t stay mad at him, so she fucks him!

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Power Couple and the Babysitter

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It’s Sydney Cole‘s second time babysitting for some lovely people she has recently met. They are the ultimate power couple, good looking and successful. When the husband tells her that his wife Chanell Heart finds her really attractive and offers her plenty of extra cash to see Sydney kissing her, she decides to take him up on the offer. I mean, it’s just a kiss, right? Sydney is really shy at first, but finds herself actually enjoying the experience. They take it to the bedroom pretty rapidly, and Sydney finds herself in the center of the threesome of forbidden love she’s been secretly craving.

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Chanell Heart: All Anal

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Chanell Heart is doing anal this time! Gorgeous, big booty Chanell, performs in multiple anal positions (so many we lost count) in this heated gonzo experience. This ebony starlet does it all, including multiple ATM’s. After watching this intense all anal sex scene, you’ll understand why we heart Chanell!

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