Saudi oil facilities attack, the roots of the crisis to spark a new ...

Yom Kippur War - Wikipedia Saudi oil facilities attack, the spark of a new Middle East war Big mistake of roots Nitsu of crisis, a severe response to Iran of Acts If because trying to successful nuclear negotiations, Iran must pay a price. In order to reduce the climate change risk, it must be reduced crude oil production. However, the attack on have been made to date in Saudi Arabia, there was no such effect of risk reduction. Oil processing facilities and Kreis of oil fields in the Abukaiku is that an attack of the drones and missiles, crude oil production of Saudi Arabia was reduced per day 00,000 barrels. For the global market, a big decrease in width than when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait a year. Kuwait invasion, the multinational force comprised of countries have evolved to situation in which the march to Baghdad. The day of the attack is not an invasion. However, attacks that also reduced the crude oil supply in the world, not other people's affairs for everyone. Also the promise to restore the production volume by the end of the month as Saudi Arabia can play even if the supply from the world's largest oil exporter had now become vulnerable.

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